Realtime.springer.com is a service that aggregates together downloads of Springer journal articles and book chapters in real time and displays them in a variety of visualizations. The goal of this service is to provide the scientific community with valuable information about how the literature is being used "right now".

Having access to information about how content is being used right now can yield valuable insight into what topics are trending at the moment, what areas of the world are currently looking at what type of content, and what overall keywords are popular at the moment. Realtime's ability to alter the reporting window from "last 7 days" to "last 30" or "last 90" days gives you added insight into how these patterns are changing over time.

Realtime currently receives feeds from: SpringerLink, SpringerImages, and SpringerProtocols. For SpringerLink and SpringerProtocols, any time a user downloads the PDF or HTML version of an article, chapter, or protocol, a message is sent in real time from those sites to realtime.springer.com. For images, a "download" is counted when a user is shown the full version of an Image Details page. In this case, we register a "download" from SpringerImages of the article or chapter that the image came from.

It's important to note that historical data is not stored on realtime.springer.com, and because there is some processing of logs done before COUNTER reports are generated (to do things like filter out robotic activity and ensure consistent session definitions), the statistics on this service will not match exactly with statistics provided in final, processed COUNTER reports. The data on this site is not intended to be used for reporting purposes, but intended to give you an overall picture of all the usage that is being generated by Springer's online products.

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